Our motel is located on the route Rzeszów-Warsaw, on the outskirts of Głogów Małopolski, about 14 km on the way from Rzeszów. Neighbourhood of beautiful forest complex “Bór” and amazing extensive area make the centre wonderful asylum where time flows slower. Quiet and calm which characterize the area of our stud can help you to regenerate after tiring trip.

Friendliness and contact with the nature will certainly influence your mood. It is a perfect place for pleasant outdoor relaxation, especially intended for families with children.

The motel offers accommodation for 23 people.
Motel consists of single, double, triple and quadruple cosy rooms. All rooms are equipped with a TV set and bathroom. Most of rooms have access to the Internet.

Price list:


  •  Rooms in Motel – 80 zł/ per day/ per person
  •  Guest rooms in Restaurant – 100 zł /per day/ per person

Phone reservations:17 851 67 37, 17 873 11 69,
Email address: biuro@lesnawola.pl

Hotel day starts at 2.00 pm and ends at 12.00 the following day.
There is a huge, monitored car park.